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Guber aspirant, Jimi Agbaje lists his short term solutions to Lagos’ traffic problem

In the wake of the perennial traffic problem Lagos Mainland residents and others have witnessed across the state and the struggle by the government to find a lasting solution to the situation, the gubernatorial aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Jimi Agbaje has professed his solution to the situation.

In a series of tweet shared via his official Twitter handle, Jimi noted some of the factors contributing to the gridlock is the evident potholes across the roads and nuisance caused by trucks on roads and bridges.

He also stressed that with the amount of taxes residents pay in this State, good roads are a right and not a luxury.

According to him; “As someone who works in the Apapa axis of the city, the issue of traffic congestion is one that I too face every day. What we’re experiencing right now is a perfect storm: poorly maintained infrastructure evident in the increase of potholes spotted all across the city as well as the nuisance caused by trucks and trailers on our roads and bridges.”

Speaking further, he said; “In my opinion, this terrible state of traffic is clearly as a result of the fall-out between the “self-proclaimed owners” and the current Governor of Lagos – who now seems to lack the authority to mandate the required agencies to fix the roads and manage traffic.

“Since these so-called owners do not regard the Governor, they should at least think about us, Lagosians, who are suffering on the roads every day as a result of this fall-out.”

Giving the solutions, he said, “While the solution to the traffic issue is one that requires a multi-modal approach involving a full-on rehabilitation and expansion of our road infrastructure; better use of transit routes in ways that encourage less use of cars; and an increased usage of our waterways.”

He continued that; “However, if I were Governor, this is what I will do now as a short-term solution: As a first of three phases, I will focus on fixing the potholes on following major roads whilst we plan towards medium-long term solutions.

“Mushin-Itire road (Pako junction axis) – Herbert Macaulay road (Adekunle axis) – Ikorodu road (Fadeyi axis & Anthony-towards Oshodi axis) – Alaka bridge axis – Ijora Olapa Iddo axis – Apongbon axis – Bonny camp axis – Festac last gate axis – Maybin-Apapa slip Rd Flourmills axis.”

Jimi concluded saying; “If we focus on smoothing out these areas, we can significantly improve the flow of traffic. With the amount of taxes that we pay in this State, good roads are a right, not a luxury. The Lagos this generation desires can be won.”



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