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Here’s why there is total darkness in Agege, Fagba & environs

In the aftermath of the prolonged blackout around Oko-Oba, Fagba, Agege, Ishaga, Elliot and adjoining communities, the management of power distribution company, Ikeja Electric has explained the reason behind the darkness.

In an announcement shared via its official Twitter handle, Ikeja Electric stated that the blackout was as a result of a faulty feeder in a power transformer servicing the communities.

“Dear Customer, the prolonged outage you’re experiencing is due to loss of supply on Oko-oba 11kV Feeder as a result of a fault on Agege T1 Power Transformer. Affected areas are parts of New Oko-Oba, Fagba, Agege & environ,” part of the statement read.

Meanwhile, the power company revealed that efforts are underway to ensure the fault is properly fixed in a bid to restore power to the affected areas.

“TCN is working to fix the fault so we can restore supply,” Ikeja Electric said.



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