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Exclusive: Beware: Awawa Boys are back with FULL FORCE and you may be their next victim

Residents of some communities in Ikeja, Agege, Ogba, Oshodi and other adjoining areas are currently in fear following the recent actions of the dreaded youth-populated gang known as Awawa Boys, who are fond of terrorizing Lagos Mainland residents.

InsideMainland reliably gathered that in the last two weeks, the gang has unleashed mayhem in Agege and adjoining areas.

This development has further driven fear into the minds of residents of the community who occupies these communities as security operatives in the areas are yet to take needed action.

A resident who was returning home from work earlier in October was maimed with his valuables forcefully taken in the process. Due to the beatings the victim received from the gang members, the victim was rushed to a nearby hospital for urgent medical attention.

Speaking to InsideMainland afterward, the victim said; “The Awawa Boys are back around us. They are now everywhere in Agege and residents including some traditional rulers such as Baales cannot do anything. They have taken over communities such as Sakamori, Ibari, Ashade, Ifako Ijaye, Agege, Isale Oja, Ibari, Akerele, Fela Shrine, Papa Ogba Ashade, Aluminum Village, Station among others, vandalizing properties and stealing from unsuspecting victims in the process.

“The boys now operate freely in broad daylight and with without care of who is watching or if they could be caught in the process. They believe they have enough backup and will immediately threaten anyone who dares come their way.”

InsideMainland reliably gathered that last Sunday, the gang numbering about fifty stormed the Agege axis of Lagos Mainland robbing road users of their valuables including mobile gadgets. At the time of the operation by the gang, sources said no one challenged them for fear of being attacked.

Speaking on this, a resident said; “Several reports had been made at Pen Cinema Police Station and other stations in Agege but no drastic move has been taken. This has further strengthened the gang as they now operate without fear of being arrested.”

In addition, some residents and business owners along Agidingbi, Aguda, Ogba retail market, and College road expressed their dissatisfaction on the spike in the actions of the dreaded gang.

Shuaib Muhammed, a stall owner along Aguda, while narrating his ordeal in the hands of the Awawa Boys said; “I was a victim of the Awawa Boys robbery during the last Felabration event. They came in droves requesting that I quickly make noodles for them. When I saw the number of people standing in front of me, I was shocked and I urged them to take it easy.

“I was able to make a few orders when I suddenly heard a bang and my shelter was falling down. Some of the gang members pushed me away from where I was standing and quickly grabbed my neck. They scattered my goods and took some money that I kept in my save under the stand.

“I couldn’t do anything because I was outnumbered. They let me go when some residents started shouting of coming to rescue me and calling the Police.”

When contacted, a source in the Lagos State Police Command told InsideMainland that the Command has been inundated with the atrocities committed by the gang members.

“We have made several arrests and prosecuted a whole lot of them but they keep recruiting and increasing in numbers.

“The numbers are becoming scary but we will not relent in ensuring that our communities are safe with lives and properties protected. With the latest information you just brought to our notice, we will ensure that these black spots are combed and necessary arrests made,” the source said.



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