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Olusosun dumpsite may be re-opened 7 months after closure

Seven months after the Akinwunmi Ambode led administration closed the popular Olusosun dumpsite after the place was gutted by fire thereby causing health and environmental threats to residents, recent indications have it that the place might be reopened for use.

This is due to the current refuse problem faced across parts of the state and the efforts by the government to find a lasting solution to the situation.

Recall that the government earlier appointed Mr. Ola Oresanya, former General Manager of LAWMA, as a consultant to work with the state in a bid to fashion out a format for the restoration of door-to-door waste collection.

Speaking during a radio interview earlier today, Oresanya noted that efforts are underway to swiftly attend to the refuse situation to ensure a clean and healthier state. “We have commenced efforts and also meeting with stakeholders to ensure we get rid of the refuse problem.

“It is a state-wide issue and one that we must put all hands on deck to ensure we solve it as soon as possible.”

Speaking further on the plans to solve the refuse problem, he said; ‘If we need to open the Olusosun dumpsite in the process of solving the refuse situation, we will surely do that. It important that we have to get it right to the benefit every Lagosian.”

While responding to claims from residents on double charges as they pay waste fees alongside their tenement rates and the new plan for a separate payment to clear their refuse, Oresanya said the separate payment for refuse will only be in place for a period of six months.

“The plan to collect waste fess separate from the earlier mode of payment is part of the plans to provide stability and a cleaner environment for us all. In other parts of the world, the current method of payment is what applies.

“However, due to the happenings in the political space and the various paperwork tied to our operations, we just have to find a way to review the situation and provide a new template for operations.”

Recall that the Olusosun dumpsite, one of the largest dumps in the world was shut down by the government on Thursday, March 15, 2018, after a prolonged fire incident.

At the time, Governor Ambode said the location of the facility was no longer healthy both for trading activities and residents living in the neighborhood.



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