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‘Everyone wants the power, no one wants the responsibility’, Simi reacts to Nigerian politicians

Singing sensation, Simi popular for her sonorous vocals and musical prowess has joined the growing list of Nigerian entertainers who have added their voices to politics and other important issues in the country.

The Lagos Mainland resident in a tweet shared via her official Twitter handle stated that she seldom make comments on political issues but recent happenings made her shift her position.

According to her, majority of politicians mostly desire power and hold positions but do not want to take responsibilities.

She tweeted saying; “I try very often not to say or think it too much, but being a Nigerian is so hard. It’s literally difficult. Lately, sometimes all I need to see is one pothole and I’m just exhausted. And my frustration is mostly that everyone wants the power, no one wants the responsibility.”

While reacting to her post, her followers also expressed their thoughts taking turns on the current state of the polity.

According to Ayeblue; “It just boils down to taking responsibility for what you are passionate about but leaders around here are passionate about looting.”

Another follower, Ayeni Ayodele commented saying; “The young generation must begin to grow a different mindset from what obtains. It is hard but it can be done. What we seek starts with us as individuals. We must strive to be different at all reasonable cost and by all good means.”

Abiola Davids commented saying; “The good book says “To him whom much is given much is expected”—in our case, we did not give them such power—they took it from us. So yeah little should be expected—sadly.”

To Arinze Michael, “to be a Nigerian is another level entirely. You know right more than any other country but somehow the country never seems to add up. God bless Nigerians working to better this country.”

Isiah Solomon, on the other hand, commented saying; “It is a game of power with selfish interest. I love the song 2BABA released years back titled “E Be Like Say” but they can’t change because of the godfathers that are there. It is really hard to accept the fact that you are a Nigerian.”



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