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Five leading markets on the Lagos Mainland and the unique items you can buy there

Going to markets to buy groceries and other food items and getting them at the right prices is no mean feat. One of the first challenges you will have to face is knowing where to pick the basic items needed for cooking the choice meal for the entire family.

Although, if you are lucky to have a good neighbour or friend who has a deep understanding of markets, they may volunteer to be your tour guide, showing you how, when and where to get the best deals in the markets. However, not everybody can be that lucky as some friends or neighbours can be very busy with tight schedules most especially working-class residents.

Never mind, here we will share with you key markets on the Mainland and their distinguishing offerings. Be sure to get the best deals here.

  1. Oyingbo Condiment market

The Oyingbo condiment market is  located in Oyingbo; a community in Ebute Mette area of Lagos Mainland. The market is one of the oldest and busiest markets in Lagos known for selling every food item you can think of; from your local vegetables, fruits, meat products, rice etc. Also, you can also get items such as smoked fish, kpanla, crayfish, dry pepper, fresh fish, turkey and chicken in carton among several other items in the market.

This market is known to open for the early risers as sales activity in the market starts as early as 5:00 am and can last till 10:00 pm. It therefore means that within this period, visitors to the market can get items from as low as N50 and in the desired quantity. So if you leave around this community or anywhere on the Mainland, the market is very easy to access. You can visit the Oyingbo market for your considerably cheap condiment.

  1. Mile 12 market

The Mile 12 market is unarguably the biggest market for the sale of tomatoes, red and chilli pepper, onions, yams, and staples. Call it a depot for the above listed items and you won’t be out of place as retailers often throng this market to buy in baskets for onward sales.

Meanwhile, if you think that small market close to your vicinity is ripping you off, the next time you want to buy these items or you need these items in bulk, find your way to the Mile 12 market. The market is located in the heart of Ketu community, Lagos Mainland.

  1. Idi-Oro Plantain market, Mushin

The Idi-Oro market is located in Mushin community, Lagos Mainland and is popularly known for plantain sales. On a daily, hundreds of retailers and residents alike visit the market to get the best deals in plantain trade. Checks revealed that traders have varieties that visitors can choose from and plantain is available from as low as N500 for a bunch. InsideMainland can report that a large number of roasted and fried plantain sellers including leading restaurants on the Lagos Mainland buy from the Idi-Oro plantain market in Mushin as the place serves as a must visit location for these roadside plantain roasters.

When you think of where to get the best price on plantain, don’t hesitate to visit the Idi-Oro market, Mushin.

  1. Ketu fruits market, Ketu

Call it an extension of Mile 12 market and you may not be wrong on account of its close proximity. Like the Mile 12 market, the fruit market is an open market particularly known for cheap fruits for retailers and personal consumption. The market is a place to find any kind of fruit in season such as mangoes, watermelon, grapes, oranges, cucumbers, eggplants, pineapples and more are readily available at very affordable rates.

If you are in need or in doubt of where to get fruits, don’t hesitate to visit the Ketu fruit market as the spot meets your needs.

  1. Daleko Rice Market, Mushin

The Daleko Market sits on a large expanse of land along Daleko Market Road, Mushin, Lagos Mainland.

Although some other condiments are sold around the vicinity, the market is popular solely as the location for the best rice deals in the entire Lagos cosmopolitan as it hosts hundreds of traders who throng in for the best bargain in wholesale rice trade. Visitors to this market can save money by getting the product at very reasonable price. If you are in doubt where to get rice, now you know.



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