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How Mainlanders are reacting to the #3MBClosure

Following the closure of the Third Mainland Bridge for repairs earlier today, Friday, August 24, 2018, Lagos Mainland residents who have experienced different fates as a result of the closure has taken to social media to express their thoughts on the development.

Recall that government had earlier announced a closure of the bridge for investigative repair works which is expected to last between Thursday, August 23 to Sunday, August 26, 2018.

According to Jhybolar who tweeted his thoughts on the development; “The 3rd mainland total closure is irresponsible. We had amendment work done on it in 2012. It was partially closed at a side to save motorists from stress. This government at the center never get anything done perfectly, trial & error approach.”

Another user, Obashola posted that; “Knowing that 3MB will be closed today and its commuters redirected to either carter or Eko bridge and coupled with their own usual grid locks, one would expect that the State government would atleast, for today’s sake, clear those trucks off the bridge for easy commute.

“That Carter bridge was constructed in 1901 and Eko bridge over 40 years old and its now a garage for trucks. They park on it as if it was build for that purpose. I pray government realize that there primary responsibility is to protect lives and properties.”

To Erusiafe Aghogho; “You plan to close the third mainland bridge and the main alternative route is occupied by tankers and heavy-duty trucks and no plan to remove them, it goes no show how insensitive this government is.”

Meanwhile, Abiodun Bamiduro reacted saying; “The total closure for 3 days is so proper assessment of the whole bridge can be done and the determine which side to start the repairs. When repairs starts it will be partial closure like in the past. Let’s stop being sentimental and read the full story on their plans.”

Corroborating Bamiduro, Adebayo Salami tweeted saying: “The last repairs took care of only expansion joints on a bridge faced with very obvious problem of sinking/displaced pile footings. Expansion joints on Eko bridge were also fixed without much upset. This, I believe is a more detailed assessment. Details are sketchy though.”

Presently, articulated vehicles, tankers and other trucks occupy the stretch of Ikorodu road through Funsho Williams Avenue and Barracks. InsideMainland learnt that the Yaba-Oyingbo end of Lagos Mainland is also on a lockdown as a result of heavy traffic gridlock in the axis.



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