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GRAPHIC IMAGES: Car parts thief lynched in Mende-Maryland; Watch Video

A suspected thief identified as Daniel Ekwerekwu, has died following injuries sustained when a mob pounced on him in Mende community, Maryland, Lagos Mainland, today, Sunday, August 12, 2018.

According to eyewitness report, the suspect was beaten by angry residents after he was caught while attempting to steal car parts on Okungade Okusanya Street, Mende Maryland.

It was gathered that residents of the community have suffered varying fates from thieves who have terrorized the community for more than three months.

InsideMainland learnt that some of the residents have had brain boxes of their cars stolen at different times leading to residents giving extra attention to their cars when parked around parts of the community.

The suspected car parts thief allegedly met his death when he was caught by residents trying to steal from a Toyota Venza car parked by its owner on Okungade Okusanya Street, Mende Maryland.

An eyewitness told InsideMainland that; “The owner of the car had parked the vehicle outside his compound at about 5:00 am to wash in order to avoid getting late to church. When he finished cleaning the car, he went back inside to get ready for church.

“He returned moments later to find the man in his car trying to steal his brain box. He shouted to get the attention of other residents but the thief already in his car also shouted back at him.

“When people had gathered to discover what was happening, the suspect tried to run and was chased to Odugbesan Avenue adjacent Okugade Okusanya Street where he parked his own car.”

Speaking further, the witness said; “The chase continued and the suspected thief ran to another street where he entered into a compound attempting to scale the fence. He was caught in the process and beaten mercilessly by the residents who had already gathered in numbers.

“After a while, he collapsed and was suspected to have died of internal bleeding.”

Meanwhile, the eye witness said the suspected thief had already stolen the sum of N50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira) and the car locks of the Toyota Venza. The money was said to have been found in the deceased’s pants where he hid the money before he was caught by the residents.

It was alleged that the money was retrieved after he led them to his car where other car parts suspected to have been stolen from other locations were found in a polythene bag.

It was gathered that officers from the Anthony Police Division arrived the scene much later to remove the body of the suspected car parts thief before he was taken to Mainland Hospital, Yaba, Lagos Mainland, where he was confirmed dead. His remains was thereafter deposited at the hospital’s morgue.

He was alleged to have been searched where his voter’s card bearing his name was found in his trouser pocket.



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