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If anyone is stealing power in your area, Ikeja Electric says you are paying for it

Over the years since the Nigerian power industry witnessed a change with more private investors making an entrant into the industry, residents have witnessed an increase in the amount paid on electricity usage at different times.

Most times, these affected residents are usually vocal about the developments arguing that they use less power supply, hence, should pay less. In addition, some of these residents have condemned the estimated bills charged by the disco company servicing their communities noting that the bills are outrageous most especially when they are less consumers of power supplied.

This has however lingered for so long a period with residents having little or no knowledge on how the power usage of other residents in the same neighbourhood has a ripple effect on how they are charged monthly for power usage.

Commenting on this development, the Head of Corporate Communications, Ikeja Electric Plc, Mr. Felix Ofulue, said most houses in a community are served same rates irrespective of the amount of power consumed because reports are not made by the communities on those uses the power illegally or those that who industrial equipment and machineries in their facilities.

According to him, “the communities have been shielding those categories of power users within their community and should this persist, some categories of people would have to pay for the energy consumed by those users.

“In as much as the company could not identify them, and as majority of the houses within the community are not metered, the estimated energy for the whole community calculated by the meter on the transformer has to be shared among the residents of the community.”

However, Ofulue hinted that the remedy for those households who do not have much energy consuming tools in their facilities is to invite the officials of Ikeja Electric to value their gadgets and their billings would be calculated accordingly.



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