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IN AJEGUNLE: VIDEO: ‘Our lives are in danger’ – popular singer, Daddy Showkey cries out

Popular singer famous for his Ajegunle roots, Daddy Showkey, has joined hundreds of residents of the community who have condemned the current situation of the major road the links the axis to other parts of the State.

As a result of the ongoing rehabilitation works on the Apapa axis, more tankers and heavy-duty trucks have resorted to driving through one-way leaving road users and motorists seconds away from a tragic incident.

In addition, some of the tanker drivers have turned major roads and streets in Ajegunle-Apapa axis to their parking lot which has led to residents of the community fearing for their lives and properties.

Also, the residents argued that the continuous exposure to flames from the tankers and trucks plying the axis is hazardous to their health.

In a post shared via his official Instagram page, Daddy Showkey said; “The world should see the way people live in Lagos Nigeria. Can you live like this and be happy? Some people pretend to be happy in this type of situation. It’s a time bomb waiting to explode. The Tankers and Trailers parking around our neighborhoods should leave now. We are Crying Out Now.”

Similarly, another resident of the area, Omojehova Hijire said; “There is no reason why they cannot create depots for those tankers to take them out of areas where people live. It is very hazardous to human health.”

Skillful1 commented saying: “Only in Nigeria, the government will keep treating its citizens like animals. They all come abroad and see how things are been done but yet they refused to change. Imagine what they are saying trying to share abacha looted money why not use that same money to build good roads quality hospitals schools better infrastructures! Sometimes I things those leaders are all devils themselves rubbish.”

To Poco1; “Just imagine someone’s environment. The most annoying thing is the way Yorubas worship and adore Tinibu and Ambode.”

However, some of the residents suggested that the government should move the Apapa port or create a bigger parking lot to cater for the trucks and tankers.

Watch a video of the community as shared by Daddy Showkey below.




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