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InsideMainland introduces ‘The Migrant Corner’

The number of Lagos Mainland residents and Nigerians jeopardizing their lives, losing money and sources of income and cutting ties with all that is familiar at home in a bid to attempt to migrate irregularly to Europe via Libya is becoming alarming.

Sadly, these set of people usually don’t get to the desired destination and have to return to Nigeria from Libya. The return is usually in a worse economic state than they left. They return more indebted than before they left.

Reports indicate that the experiences through the dessert are horrible, with many witnessing murders and some falling victim. Other inhuman treatment such as kidnappings and beatings are commonplace occurrences on the so called journey to freedom and hope in Europe. Many of them already experience or are exposed to these horrors even before embarking on the highly deadly sea crossing, a crossing that saw one in 36 people die in 2017.

The ones who do make it to Europe are not better off, as they do not have a legal right to stay in Europe. Very few of the Nigerians who apply for asylum are eligible, as asylum is only given to people who are escaping from war and direct prosecution, clearly indicating that the rest of the claims are rejected.

A lot of Nigerians lack information on the policies of the countries they want to go to and have unreal expectations about the support they will get when they arrive there.

In a bid to tackle this scourge, the InsideMainland team is introducing a section entitled ‘The Migrant Corner’ in a bid to inform, educate and create needed awareness about the dangers associated with migrating illegally to other countries not alone Europe through Libya.

Data shows that most 72% of Nigerian potential migrants had expressed the thought that they would receive government aid on getting their destination country. There is clearly a lack of knowledge that usually asylum seekers are barred from working. Most don’t even realize that it is an extreme rarity for a West African asylum seeker to be granted citizenship in the destination country.

In a nutshell, migrants often erroneously believe they will succeed in Europe and will quickly get a job and make money easily, but this is not the case. So many die on the way and a great number are returned home before they get to Europe or are deported aver arriving. The few who do get to stay face a lot of difficulties getting a job, and their unstable legal condition makes them open to exploitation.



Idris Aina
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