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IN OWORONSHOKI: Residents bemoan state of abandoned community road

Residents of Olojojo community in Oworonshoki, Lagos Mainland, have decried the deplorable state of the Oworonshoki – Olojojo community road which has continued to become a source of agony for road users in the axis.

InsideMainland gathered that the road has been abandoned for over four years with residents having to battle regularly with using the road already filled with giant potholes.

According to a resident of the axis, vehicles now break down along portions of the road due to the deplorable state of the only access road. “The road has been in this state since I moved into the area. Once it rains, it becomes more difficult to navigate around the area because of the giant potholes at every point you get to,” the resident said.

Also commenting on the state of the road, a Twitter user, Tolu gave a detailed narration explaining the government promises to fix the road ahead of the last general elections.

He tweeted that; “During the campaign for the 2015 elections, I was the #LagosCountryClub when Gov @AkinwunmiAmbode came and not only promises that this road would be fixed, he promised that since @APCNigeria was now the government at the centre (President @MBuhari had just won then).

“He would ensure a second road would be constructed. I remember him describing how the new road would be made to link the major road leading to the old Ikeja Toll Gate. 3 years down the line, new road #iscoming, old road #potholeinfested. I am sure we would soon start hearing.

“These promises again. God forbid, if that road gets blocked in an emergency, people would have to take to the lagoon to get out of that place. It’s really awful but #kilomodemimo? Let me go back to listening to my music @Iamancestor & @Asa_official’s pete-pete.

“The funny thing is, while it is normal for governments in Nigeria to wait for roads to degenerate to a pitiable condition before doing anything about it, this particular road’s degeneration was sped up by the Lagos Water Company @Lagoswater.

“They @Lagoswater were the ones while installing pipes, sometimes in 2015 (I believe) that dug up the roads (this road was still manageable then) and then just covered with sand and left it.”

The development has however led to mixed reactions from social media users who have condemned the neglect by the government in the community and other axes on the Lagos Mainland.




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