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Shocking! Man allegedly electrocuted due to Ikeja Electric officials negligence in Somolu

A septuagenarian identified as AbdulRasheed AbdulQuadri has reportedly been electrocuted in Somolu community, Lagos Mainland, due to the alleged negligence of Ikeja Electricity Distribution company officials in the area.

According to reports, the 72-year-old victim was electrocuted on Friday, July 13, 2018, while returning home from jumat service at the Central Mosque located on Humani Street, Bajulaiye in Somolu, Lagos Mainland.

The Sun reported that residents of the area disclosed that the victim died when he tried to cross the gutter in front of his house. He was said to have touched the iron bar of a mini-goal post that was close to an electric pole in the area.

It was reported that no one noticed that an electric cable previously disconnected by technicians of the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC) was lying on the post. As the septuagenarian touched the monkey post, he was electrocuted.

A resident who spoke on the incident said: “When he fell we rushed to see what was wrong with him. That was when we noticed the electric cable coiled around the monkey post. At that point we realized that Baba had been electrocuted. And it was dangerous for anyone to go and touch him.”

The residents added that the Ikeja Electric officials had on Monday, July 2, conducted mass disconnection exercise in the neighborhood. Many of them alleged that the technical staff of IKEDC, who carried out the exercise did not properly secure the wires after the disconnections.

Commenting on the development, the Public Relations Officer of the Ikeja Electric Plc, Felix Ofulue, said; “We are not aware of such an occurrence. Nobody has raised any issue like that to us. We take issues of safety very seriously. Our team is very proactive and reactive when they need to be. They have their ears to the ground. So, it is not possible that something like that would happen and we would not know about it.”



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