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IN MILE 12: Outrage as SARS officers brutalize resident during illegal raid; Watch Video

Less than a month after some operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) attached to Ogudu Police Division were dismissed for harassing and using tear gas on an unarmed resident leading to him suffering an asthma attack, some SARS officers from the same station are in the news for another sad development.

On Friday, July 13, 2018, five SARS officers from the Ogudu unit were caught on video assaulting an unidentified man in a bid to arrest him along Mile 12, Lagos Mainland.

In the video, one of the fully armed officers used an iron rod to continually hit the victim who was seen writhing in pains as he struggles with the officers. At a time, the officer hit the victim on the head with the rod leading to the victim falling heavily on the floor.

It was learnt that apart from the victim seen in the video, scores of resident around Mile 12 were also arrested by the SARS operatives who conducted the raid in the community.

It was alleged that the victims were after their arrests were driven to Ogudu with a demand of a ransom of N40,000 per head. Those who could not pay were allegedly taken to Oshodi Task Force unit where they were held.

The development has however led to an outrage on social media with users condemning the actions of the SARS officers.

Reacting to the incident, popular comedian and advocate of good governance, Ali Baba said; “Now how do we tell South Africa or any country for that matter not to treat our citizens like this. It’s a global village now. We are live. Our injustices are televised and the pain is worldwide. This kind of brutality will continue until there are consequences for taking the laws into your hands. The failure to punish this brutality is the reason they abound.”

Similarly, Segalink who has been at the forefront of reforming the SARS unit said the victims were abducted and expressed his displeasure at how the Police operatives and Task Force unit were handling the situation. He tweeted that; “This can NEVER be allowed to continue. Never ever. The main reason why the Area H command transfer the victims to task Force is because they have an untouchable stance under the State Governor. This secures the ransom. That is why OSHODI is patronized.”

Another social media user, Aribobo98 said; “For you to understand the level of docility in the police chain of command would require going back in time to unravel the personalities heading these societal fiends. A large percentage of their leadership have no business in leadership positions.”

Chima Egems also expressed his displeasure on the incident saying; “How can others value what we don’t value? If you’re treated like this in your own country by your own police, would other police with the same mindset in a foreign land treat you better? So sad!”

Watch the video below.



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