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Third Mainland Bridge: Lagos Mainland residents react to 27 months road closure

Following the planned move by the Federal Government to close parts of the usually busy Third Mainland Bridge for repair works which is proposed to last for 27 months, the news have drawn massive reactions from different sections of the community.

According to some Lagos Mainland residents who expressed their thoughts on the development via social media platforms, the development is a great news but wrong timed by the government.

A Twitter user, Segun Adio tweeted saying: So the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos will be under locks for 27 months for repairs. Good that the bridge is being considered for repairs but the planned closure will be coming at a time that the Oshodi-Apapa expressway is on total lock down in the hands of trailers and trucks.”

He was corroborated by Bayo Adetunji who posted that; “Honestly, I don’t know how urgent the repair work is, but considering what is happening presently on the alternative routes, this is not the most auspicious time to carry out the repairs.”

Another user, Yinka Akindayomi said; “There are just some people who just turn strategy on their head, without thinking. Maybe we should stay at home for 27months. Psssssst”

Similarly, Seun Onigbinde commented saying “Military govts construct roads too. What have we done in this democracy close to NLNG and Third Mainland Bridge? Please let’s raise the notch high. Let’s talk about our institutions, transparency & civil liberties. A self-reflecting govt should deliver the best for her people.”

However, a user, Frank commended the government for the development saying “if the bridge isn’t repaired and it results in a disaster I’m sure you’d be among the first to attack the government.”

On the other hand, Ibrahim Babalola saw the business angle to the road closure saying; “Looking forward to seeing how the teams at MaxGo and GoKada will harness the opportunity presented to them when they close Third Mainland Bridge for repairs. This is such a big gift to them from the government and I hope they take it!”



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