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MUST READ: Concerned Badagry resident pens expressive note to Ambode

In the aftermath of the decay and lack of developmental projects needed to boost the economic viability of Badagry community, a resident of the area has written a heartfelt note to the Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode.

According to the writer, who expressed sadness on the continuous neglect of the axis, Badagry community has “various untapped resources enough to double the annual revenue generated by the state government is properly harnessed.”

The writer further argued that “Badagry is richer than all other local governments put together in terms of economic viability.”

Read the full note below.

Dear Governor Akinwunmi Ambode.

I will like to congratulate you once again on your victory over PDP and also of you being the first ever governor to align LAGOS with the federal government in terms of political party.

I know you as a man of few words and a creative thinker, bringing huge and massive infrastructural development to LAGOS as a whole. Continue to soar high my active Governor.

But it actually saddens me that infrastructural development along the Badagry axis is taking ages to come to life, considering the speed at which Jubilee bridge (Ajah) and Abule Egba were rapidly designed, contracts awarded, projects completed and Commisioned without delay.

Oshodi, airport road, Agege Pen Cinema, BRT corridor from Abule Egba to Oshodi, Igbogbo-Bayeiku road, just to mention a few will soon be commissioned with the look at the rate of works going on.

On Saturday 26th of May, 2018, I did a volunteer work for #AskThePaediatricians in Ilara, Epe.Just to remind you that the last time my feet kissed the the soil of Epe was in 1998, 20 clear years ago.

I was marveled at the extent of infrastructural development visible to the blind. I almost missed the LASU road as the dualization blurred my vision.

Right from the Abraham Adesanya end of the road down to Epe Town, it was a smooth sail as the road was well tarred with countable and few potholes.

What’s the state of the Lagos-Badagry express road? Deplorable. Disrepair. Eye sour. Absolute neglect. Thousands of man hours and billions of naira are being lost daily. We’ve not even counted lives lost. We’ve also not added other negative costs.

Badagry, an ancient town with rich global history, that can double the state revenue is being neglected sir. The huge untapped resources are there for the blind to see.

All things being equal and I stand to be corrected, Badagry is richer than all other local governments put together in terms of economic viability. I believe as a seasoned Accountant per excellence, you will understand the economic advantage of Badagry over some local government, if not all.

How? The International gateway to the West African region, aquatic splendor, first storey building, slave markets, point of no return site and Agia tree site just to mention a few. We know how tourism can fetch billions of dollars in Forex if properly harnessed. I haven’t even mentioned agriculture and crude oil sir.

I don’t want to consider it a deliberate plot to keep Badagry backward but sometimes, spending four hours and more for a trip that shouldn’t take an hour and half or less is worrisome to me.

I heard it was a result of the divisive politics played by some party members is causing the drawbacks. But kindly consider the women and children. We men can take of ourselves.

Take a second look and like the action governor you are. Please ACT!

I will end my epistle with a Yoruba proverb that says “Oba to je ti ilu toro, oruko re ko ni pare. Eyi ti o si je ti ilu ko toro, oruko re ki yio parun”.

God bless Nigeria and Nigerians

God bless Lagos and Lagosians

God bless Badagry and Badagrians

FixLagosBadagryExpress #LagosCanBeBetter



Idris Aina
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