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Dear D’banj, shed no more tears – #DukeOfSomolu

I had walked into the VIP lounge at the Airport in Abuja when I saw him. Daniel Oyebanjo better known as D’banj is an enigma imbued with abundant charisma, friendly and highly talented. I walked up to him hands trembling not knowing what kind of reception I would be getting from this superstar. You know me; I really do not know how to respect myself. While others were perched on their seats stealing glances and feeling inferior, me as the then Ajanaku of Somolu walked up to the man, introduced myself and offered friendship. D’banj immediately jumped up, hugged me and there started a budding friendship that lasted all of six months.

A friendship which saw me eat the sweetest okro soup I have tasted in this my life. A friendship which saw me hanging out in his house and listening to his many stories of world conquest. The man has energy and can talk. His dreams and plans were not of this world and I could connect because I was like that. But suddenly, I was frozen out. My calls were no longer returned and I was blocked from WhatsAapp. I guessed that was it so I respected myself and went back to Somolu.

Intermittently, when we saw, we greeted and hugged but the warmth was gone. It was now more very cold and business-like. But that didn’t stop me from admiring him, from wishing him well and also from being in his corner.

The news of the sad loss of his baby son has hit me like all other Nigerians with a thud. I have seen the pictures of the superstar with his very beautiful child. The last I saw him was at the concert organised by the Aremo at Eko Hotel. D’banj had come out on stage quite early to do his routine before the other younger artistes. I thought it was wrong but after his stupendously energetic performance, he brought out his baby and angelic wife to explain why he could not stay late. The hall erupted and there were a few tears shed.

The picture of his son with his papi littered his social media handles. D’banj worshipped his boy; he cradled him, held him, fondled him and then the music stopped. Kai, how do you lose a son? How do you console a father who had dropped his future in the hands of the little one only to be snatched by the cold hands of fate?

I read his statement and saw the innermost strength I never believed he could muster at this point. He is strong and should remain strong for his beautiful wife and for the rest of us. The song must never stop playing. Daniel III must be immortalized and we must all stand as a Nation to bid the family well.

Bro, we stand by you, we remain resolute in the deep kindness of God’s love for he alone knows WHY AND WE CANNOT DARE TO QUESTION. He has your back, I know He does. He told me last night.

Stay blessed. Will call you.



Joseph Edgar
Joseph Edgar is an Investment banker and Columnist with Thisday and DailyTimes newspapers. He is witty and is a hilarious writer.