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Ambode goes spiritual in Ikeja

The Lagos State Governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode attributed the remarkable achievements recorded by his administration in the last three years in all sectors to the hand of God, saying the feats attained across the length and breadth of the State were divinely inspired.

Ambode who spoke at a Special Thanksgiving Service held at Lagos House in Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos Mainland, to mark the third anniversary of his administration, said it was obvious from the upward trajectory of the State that God was involved in the process of thinking, planning and executing policies and programmes for the people.

“In two days time, we will be three years in the saddle of this major task. There is no other way to celebrate and that is why we are doing this service because we believe strongly that there is no way we would have made the level of progress so far made without some supernatural hands and we want to give God all the thanks.

“No matter how much strategy that you have read in school or how much work you have done in the public service, it is not possible for you to put a plan up, strategize and try to implement and it works. If it is working back to back and consistently, there has to be some other source that is making it work because you are just one out of several others and why it works for Lagos is the more reason why one has to be very sober and humble to actually know that there is something that is making that to happen and that has to be God,” he said.

The Governor noted that notwithstanding the complexity of managing the massive population of the State, it was evident that Lagos had been hugely prosperous, just as he thanked all those who have helped in managing the State rightly in the last three years. “I just want to say a big thank you to everyone that has actually been a co-traveler in this journey that we have had in the last three years. It has not been easy but somehow to the glory of God, it is evident that there is huge prosperity in Lagos.

“In all these, the complexity of managing 24 million people, there has to be something else driving it and in all situations, we give glory to God; in all situations, we are grateful that He has given us the opportunity to become a source of joy to the rest of Nigeria because Lagos is like the last hope for the country,” Ambode said.



Idris Aina
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