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Not yet Uhuru in Surulere as Omo Onile still holds sway despite law against practice

For residents of Surulere community who are poised to ensure the community is well developed by attending to basic developmental needs of the area, the activities of street urchins parading themselves as ‘Omo Oniles’ is frustrating their efforts.

According to a Surulere resident, Omo Oniles stormed Enitan Street, Aguda, Surulere, on Wednesday, May 23, 2018, while the residents make effort to fix slabs covering a gutter in the community.

The Omo Oniles threatened the residents preventing the bricklayer working on the site from finishing work on the slab.

Narrating the incident, a resident identified simply as Deolu in a SOS message sent exclusively to InsideMainland said: “I am writing in respect of an “omo onile” issue. The slabs covering the gutter in front of my house needed fixing so we the occupants decided to employ the services of a local bricklayer to have it fixed.

“The landlord is not resident in the building. While the bricklayer was working, he was approached by some young men. On introduction, they said they are “omo onile” from Itire.”

On the actions of the street urchins, Deolu said: “They dropped their number with the bricklayer and left. My house is on Enitan street, Aguda, Surulere. I thought “omo oniles” have been outlawed by the current government.

“I have called them and they said they are from Itire and they want to negotiate. These are slabs covering the gutter in front of the building that we deemed it necessary to fix because okada riders constantly skid inside the gutter.”

The actions of the Omo Oniles is coming to the fore again few months after the Lagos State Government outlawed the practice in the State.

The Surulere residents who are however worried about the continuous threats from the land grabbers are calling on the government to come to their aid in the community.



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