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Dear Opebi residents, the Ewa Agoyin you eat is cooked close to a canal

Over the years, people have grown to buy meals to eat away from the comfort of their homes. This can be due to work, busy schedules or just the desire to eat meals prepared away from home.

This in some cases, has become a habit for some residents, business owners, drivers, shop owners who have become accustomed to getting meals from places close to them at a given time.

Such is, however, the case of residents, workers, and motorists who operate along Opebi, Allen, Ikeja end of Lagos Mainland.

A recent investigation by InsideMainland showed that the ‘Ewa Agoyin’ sold for people around the aforementioned areas is prepared close to a canal located just behind the Opebi – Agbaoku Estate, Opebi, Lagos Mainland. The canal, which serves as the demarcation between Opebi and Oregun communities on the Lagos Mainland also serves as the dumping ground of defecations from residents in the tiny community where the ‘Ewa Agoyin’ is cooked daily.

The inhabitants of the community live in a closely knitted slum with the sellers of the beans trooping in droves daily to rush for a portion which would be sold to their respective buyers around Salvation, Allen, Ikeja, Lagos Mainland.

A resident of the community told InsideMainland that; “Cooking the beans starts from around 3:00 am daily. Those who come here to buy already have the customers they buy already cooked Ewa Agoyin from before going to their respective junctions to sell to people.

“Some usually hawk theirs from streets to shops around their daily routes. Some others would go to junctions like Salvation, Ikeja Under bridge, Allen Avenue and many others to sell.”

Meanwhile, InsideMainland’s visit to the spots in the area where the beans is cooked showed that whoever sees the place would think twice before buying from their usual seller. This is because the place is unkempt and is hazardous to the health of those who are exposed to the meals cooked there daily.

Some of the residents who cook the beans in large quantity for sale have their kitchens close to the canal where faeces are dumped by whoever cares. The lack of proper hygiene is also evident in the axis as the only thing done by those cooking is to splash water around.

“They do this because of insects that fly around and due to the space constraint. Once water has been used and sometimes kerosene to prevent flies, cooking continues. It is difficult to prevent this because of the number of people around here,” the source said.



Idris Aina
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