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ORO FESTIVAL: Mixed reactions trail curfew imposed on female residents in Ikorodu

Following yesterday’s curfew imposed on female residents in Ikorodu community as a result of the Oro festival celebrated in the area, residents of the community have taken to social media to express their thoughts on the situation.

Recall that InsideMainland earlier extensively reported the condemnations that trailed the festival including the joint order the by the Lagos State Police Command and the Ayangburen of Ikorodu, Oba Kabir Shotobi, that the female residents be allowed to move freely.

During the festival, schools, major markets and some streets were shut with the economic activities in the community disrupted in the process.

Expressing their thoughts on the situation, some residents were in support of the age-long tradition while a few others condemned the traditionalists who still celebrate a festival that renders women helpless in the modern age.

According to a resident Bisoye Egunjobi; “Tradition is at times superior. Women, especially the indigenous will never come out. That is the power of tradition. The Kabiesi understand the politics of Oro and its traditional values. He is trying to strike a balance. His Royal Majesty is in dilemma.
Yesterday I watched him dancing with the Magbo priest in his Palace, as tradition demands coupled with the letter he released earlier.”

Another resident, Ade Gbadamosi said that if the government is ready to stop the celebration of the festival, “there should have been radio jungles and TV adverts. Such an important and sensitive Information should not have been left this late (if it’s true ) k’oju ma ribi.”

To Hassan Larry; “When Badoo gangs were operating in Ikorodu, where were the so-called Oro traditional rulers and their obas? I am not disrespecting anybody but d truth most be said. In a civilized world under this great nation, this is so disgraceful when we are not in zoo.”

Sunmola Olawale in his submission in support of the festival said; “One of the factors limiting the application of rule of law is custom and tradition. Let all women comply with the age-long tradition of the community or risk the repercussions. The Police commissioner should respect our tradition.ORO will continue no matter the level of modernisation.”

He was corroborated by Soa Olaribigbe who posted that: “Nonsense. Oro is not a women’s affair. I can’t believe the Kabiyesi actually said women are free to go out on Isemo day. I can understand women going out around Lagos road, but women going out in the interior of Ikorodu would be taking a very big risk. This policeman is going beyond his boundary.”

However, Godwin Soloman in his thoughts said that “if you are a lady and you love yourself, please stay indoors. What played out during the meeting is pure politics. The Oba had to compromise to avoid a prolong argument. If Oro festival should be stopped, measures should have been taken before now and not when the date has been announced.”



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