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Dino Malaye – People, Politics and Power #DukeOfSomolu

Democracy is all about the people’s popular will and there is really nothing the powers that be can do about it. The people of Kogi West have sent a very strong signal to the feudal lords that rule us that the people are the custodians of real power. No matter how you garb yourself either as a military dictator or a civilian fascist, once the people are ready to take a stance, they will.

Reports being monitored from the field shows that the INEC did not receive the required signature confirmations to continue with the recall of popular Senator representing that part of the country. The exercise recorded a very low turnout and it was even reported that there were some protest from people whose names and signatures found themselves into the list without their knowledge. It then behoves on the INEC to begin immediate investigations with a view to unravelling the mystery behind that.

Where I stand, this is a dress rehearsal for 2019. For the people are beginning to show signs that they would be discerning in their choices and not just depend on stomach infrastructure to deliver their leaders and what this means in essence is that political office holders would begin to look at more credible things to sell to the people as they seek their mandates.

This for me is a dress rehearsal that may claim its first victim as the Governor of Kogi State whenever it is his time to face the electorate.

Dino is so many things to so many people. He has thrown up an unconventional mode of representing his people at the Senate. A style that has continued to put him in the public eye and at times attract public odium but it is beginning to seem that the man has the solid backing of those who sent him to the senate.

Like him or not, Dino has put colour to the House. He is reported as being one of the most hardworking Senators with almost the highest number of bills ascribed to his name in this dispensation.

We have to be very careful how we then treat him now that his people have come out to state that they still reserve confidence in his ability to properly represent them.

I will still appeal for the rule of law and due process to be adhered to in all that we do. This would in no small measure bring cohesion and decorum in our public life.

For now, I say congrats Dino but something tells me that this is just the beginning.



Joseph Edgar
Joseph Edgar is an Investment banker and Columnist with Thisday and DailyTimes newspapers. He is witty and is a hilarious writer.