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IN IJORA: BusinessDay editor miraculously escapes death

But for the prompt intervention of a street hawker, the Ijora end of Lagos Mainland would have been thrown into a tragic accident on Tuesday, April 24, 2018.

According to BusinessDay’s Editor, Anthony Osae-Brown, who narrated his near-death experience at the railway crossing in Ijora, he was few seconds away from driving into the path of a moving train.

In a post shared via his Facebook page, Anthony stated that: “Was a few seconds away from death this morning. These bars at the rail crossing near Nigeria Breweries, Ijora remained open when a train was approaching.

“A woman carrying something on her head on the other side of the road was waving at me to stop. I stopped, thinking she wanted to go across the road. As soon as she crossed I decided to move. That was when the train passed. She was actually warning me about the approaching train.”

Anthony said that there was no official of Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) close by to control motorists from driving into the path of the approaching train; “there was no red flag waving NRC official to warn me that the train was approaching”.

He noted further that: “The bars that was supposed to close when a train was approaching remained open. I was close to committing a government induced suicide. The criminal negligence of the NRC and the government that owns them almost cost me my life.

“This country sometimes makes you sad. A road safety official later told me that the railways bars are bad. The Security officials knew that they are bad but they do not care to put someone there to warn motorists of approaching trains. Just grateful to be alive. I hope the NRC will act now before they kill someone at the crossing.”



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