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MUST SEE! How Neighbourhood Safety Corps board reacted to non – payment of salaries

Following InsideMainland’s exclusive report on the irregularities and non – payment of salaries rocking the newly rebranded Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC), the board chairman LNSC, Israel Ajao, has dismissed the claims.

According to him, the aggrieved members claiming they are not being paid salaries by the security outfit have not been engaged as they are only trainees.

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Ajao who was a Deputy Inspector General of Police prior to his retirement made the disclosure when he appeared before lawmakers in the Lagos State House of Assembly who had summoned him to give an account of the Corps’s operations since March last year.

According to him; “Anybody you see without the LNSC uniform is not working for the agency yet. I can’t send people out to go and tackle criminals without uniform. The LNSC is like a company that’s oversubscribed. It has become so successful that almost everybody is interested in working for it.”

“You can’t just say you have done training for three days and you are now neighborhood corps.

“There is a procedure after training; you must be verified. There are conditions for eligibility after three days training,” he added.

Ajao also said the agency does not have the habit of delaying payment of salaries to those employed,

“The batches 1 and 2, which started work April 1 last year are taking their salaries as and when due. We have taken batches 3 and 4, numbering 3219 last Friday, and they are going to start their salaries this month, where is the delay?,” he said.

‘It is all lies’ – LNSC officers react

In the aftermath of the comments made by the chairman of the LNSC board, some Neighbourhood Safety Corps officers who spoke to InsideMainland stressed that the claims by the chairman are far from the truth.

According to the aggrieved officer who is yet to be paid since he joined the Corps in September 2017, top figures in the LNSC have politicized the agency.

“We (batches 3 and 4) were screened since our resumption and training exercise in September 2017 and were told our salaries would be paid after three months. As at December 2017, we were expecting to get paid but they (management) came up with another information that since we are working for the government, we need to be verified and get oracle numbers.

“We were told another story on the importance of Oracle numbers and we had to do another round of registration for oracle which we did in late January 2018. Since then, we have been going back and forth still expecting to get paid,” the source narrated.

Another Corps officer said “how on earth would you post people to work at a particular location for almost eight months and then backtrack to say because they have not been handed uniforms and other gadgets, they are not fully employed?.

“We were informed upon resumption that the uniforms would be ready and handed over to us much later. The shocking thing now is the statement that we are not employed and the dismissal of some other officers after passing through training, verification exercise and working for an agency since September 2017. No credible person would make such statements in public.”



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