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‘How we fought Badoo menace and militancy in Ikorodu’ – Lagos CP

Police Command under his leadership fought the activities of the dreaded Badoo cult group and militancy that rocked Ikorodu community, Lagos Mainland.

The Police boss who said crimes, kidnappings and militancy especially along the riverine communities in the State have been degraded said the policy of community policing and security partnership he put in place upon assumption of office as Commissioner of Police ensured the successful combating of the crimes.

According to him: “In comparison, when I became Commissioner of Police, Lagos State in September last year, I introduced my own policing plan powered by the strategy and philosophy of community policing and community safety partnership. Policing like we all know is more about strategy and technology but there are other factors that come to play such as logistics and all that but when there is a clear-cut strategy backed with the right technology, then the war against crime would be won.

“Based on the partnership with the community and other security outfits within our communities, we have been able to bring the activities of Badoo cult group to an end and also discovered suspected notorious shrines in Ikorodu and environs used for suspected ritual killings and other form of crimes. These shrines have all been demolished.”

He further gave an overview of crime statistics in the State stating that from 2014 till date, a total of 1315 armed robbery attacks, 359 cult-related cases and 392 kidnapping cases were recorded, with several arrests made and prosecutions ongoing.

The Police chief noted that to a large extent, the Command, under his watch, had leveraged on the existing goodwill with the State Government and the public to keep the State safe.

“Since my assumption of office, we have leveraged on the robust goodwill existing between the police and the government on one hand and members of the public on the other hand to record some modest achievements that have not only consolidated on the achievements of my predecessor and also ensured that the Command keep the flag flying,” the CP said.



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