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Why ‘The Nook’ captures the true essence of art – #DukeOfSomolu

She was ecstatic on the phone. It was my friend Titi Oshodi the chocolatey brown and beautiful wife of my very good friend Demola. She wanted me to come see her new place nestled within the bowels of almost sleepy Alausa. Her energy was quite infectious as she continued to describe the vision and the process with which she was berthing it.

The Nook is one of those places that immediately begin to make you feel like a sophisticated oligarch. You begin to remind yourself that you have blue blood and that you understand the fine prints – that is discerning culture; and that you truly do belong.

As I stood in the middle of this shrine deliberately built to pay deserving homage to the fine and distilled things of life, I begin to wonder in amazement where Titi got all these ideas from. These kinds of things elude me. I immediately gave her a warm hug in salutation to her deep vision. This was it. A watering hole for the lettered; a gist café and a platform for the exchange of ideas leading to the possible rebuilding of society – all on the Mainland.

I moved to a corner of the space and could literally feel its essence sip through my very pores and I begin to envy her and wish I had the guts to take this. The décor screamed of classy panache, simple and engaging. Not the loud and obscene décor that make up the shrines of the new money screaming for respect that litter the Island.  This was exquisite muted glamour and quite alluring in its almost aloof finesse.

This was Tera Kulture, Bogobiri meet Arts Place. Most of us did not meet Arts Place, that great jazz place curated by the legendary Art Alade, father of our own Darey. That was the place.

Titi is a trained and talented Mixologist and experiential marketer – hope I got that spelling. She loves mixing cocktails. She loves mentoring young ones and she loves the feel from marketing and networking.  Falling back on these, she has brought all these marvelous skill sets to play in the evolution that is the Nook.

As she takes me through the plans, I can see traces of tears begin to water her bubbly eyes as she begins to come to the realisation that she just may have joined in the renaissance of our culture as a people thereby front lining in her own little way the cool Lagos movement. A movement that has been evidently portrayed by the wicked weekend in Lagos as eulogised in the seminal essay just published in the world acclaimed Vogue Magazine proclaiming Lagos as the coolest place to be last weekend thereby signposting the beginning of Lagos as a veritable global fun capital.

As she spoke animatedly, her words turned into real life flying carpets taking me through a journey of her vision. Like the famed Aladdin, she guided me through her vision, soaring in descriptive wonder as she spoke of monthly soirees honouring and celebrating cultural icons, book readings, book signings, mini-exhibitions and appearances all laced and oiled with the continuous flow of her well-mixed cocktails, latte, coffee and the ever-present pastries designed to melt the most stubborn of tastes.

The geeks, cultural enthusiasts, young professionals, literarily gifted, artistic community, connoisseurs and collectors of fine wine amongst other such hunters of smooth and classy noiseless living will finally find a home when The Nook is opened to the public.

With such limited space, I already see Titi giving up her adjacent office to make up for the expected popularity of this museum to curated living in Alausa. For one, I have already asked for the Duke of Somolu corner, where I would come hide from the stress and strain that is Lagos living.

Soon to be opened, The Nook will be hosting the cast and crew of popular Isale Eko led by legendary entertainer, Yemi Shodimu and versatile diva Yinka Davies who is presently turning heads on the massively engaging DSTV TV Drama, Battle Ground.

Well-done Titi.




Joseph Edgar
Joseph Edgar is an Investment banker and Columnist with Thisday and DailyTimes newspapers. He is witty and is a hilarious writer.