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Know government series: Here’s the 2018 Budget of Alimosho LG, Nigeria’s biggest local government

As part of the InsideMainland series focusing on the 2018 budget of the Local Government Areas and Local Council Development Areas in Lagos Mainland, the second in the series is focusing on Lagos and Nigeria’s biggest local government area, Alimosho LG.

The LG administration led by Hon. Jelili Sulaimon released the budget for the local government tagged “Budget of human and infrastructural development” few weeks ago totaling the sum of N1,445, 257, 332.

According to the council boss, the essential focus of the budget includes constructions, welfare packages, free healthcare, education, social engineering, capacity building and poverty alleviation.

In the budget, the Recurrent Expenditure covers 74.34 per cent while the Capital Expenditure accounts for 25.66 per cent of the total budget.

Commenting on the budget, Hon. Sulaimon said: “The capital expenditure will cater for the economic planning and budget, research and statistics, MDG/special donor agencies, agriculture, rural and social development. Also, works, housing and infrastructure attract the largest share of the budget proposals as well as environmental service and waste management.

“The estimated recurrent expenditure as proposed will cater for the personnel cost at N356,473,729. 98, teachers’ salaries, N350,874,990.25 while the overhead cost of N366,978,168.68.”

See below the highlights of the Alimosho Budget for 2018.


Total Budget: N1,445,257,332

Recurrent Expenditure: N1,074,326,888.91
Capital Expenditure: N370,930,443.09

Recurrent Expenditure as a percentage of total budget: 74.34 %

Capital Expenditure as a percentage of total budget: 25.66 %


Recurrent Expenditure

  1. Personnel cost: N356,473,729. 98
  2. Teachers’ salaries: N350,874,990.25
  3. Overhead cost: N366,978,168.68

Capital Expenditure

  1. Economic planning and budget
  2. Research and statistics
  3. MDG/special donor agencies
  4. Agriculture
  5. Rural and social development
  6. Works, Housing and Infrastructure
  7. Environmental service and waste management



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