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ICYMI: See the First Bank’s humour attempt that failed woefully

As scores of residents across Lagos Mainland communities and parts of the State faced a difficulty in accessing their respective destinations today, Thursday, March 29, 2018, due to the partial road closure leading to hundreds of people trekking to reach their destination, one of Nigeria’s leading banks, First Bank Nigeria chose the wrong moment to attempt humour.

In an ill-thought tweet shared via the bank’s official Twitter page @FirstBankngr, the handler tweeted: “Lagosians, how far… how was the trek this morning? The people still trekking, how’s the #WalkofChange going? #LagosShutdown #WeTrekkedToo #LagosTrekaThon #YouFirst”

While the handler of the account expected the tweet to generate other ones in its support, the reverse was the case.

Although the tweet is now deleted, Mainlanders, as well as other Lagos residents, expressed their displeasure on the actions of the bank in series of tweets.

According to a Twitter user @Pdbraide, “some social media managers in Nigeria have no concept of what representing a brand entails. You do not use your employers brand as a political platform. This is First Bank. A Bank.  Even if it is deleted it screen grab dey.”

To Onome Okwah, “@FirstBankngr this is an epic fail in an attempt to “hijack” an issue. You lost the “emotional” drift to this and got caught on the wrong side of story. Always remember…Market share and mindshare.”

Another Twitter user, Tunde Eneji said: “Hello First Bank, no StartUp will ever allow a politically biased fellow to manage its brand. See how you have been dragged into the political arena!!!. I wish you well.”

Wale Adetona in his own tweet said: “#WalkOfChange really? It doesn’t make sense for any corporate organization to publicly engage in any political conversation. There are other means to get attention.”

While the backlash continues on Twitter, the bank management has since apologized for the ridiculous tweet.

In a message posted via its official handle, the bank said: “Dear Twitter Family. A tweet from us earlier in the day was totally inappropriate. As a responsible organization, we do not support or share humor taken too far. And that is what this was; humor taken too far. We take it back and apologize unreservedly.”

In case you missed it, see a screenshot of the now deleted tweet below.




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