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See why you should be at the Afang Summit – #DukeOfSomolu

The Afang Summit brings to the fore two of my great loves. The Afang delicacy and politics. You see, the Afang soup is one of the most delicious soups ever made by man. A staple delicacy made from rich Okasi leave and garnished with all sort of rich assortments like the crayfish, periwinkles and snails. It captures the imagination with that sweet aroma as it mellifluously glides down your throat with the aid of well-made pounded yam or fufu. It leaves the eater with a true sense of wellbeing. Some have been known to have broken into beads of sweat as they tastefully devour this delicious delicacy.

The discussion of politics, on the other hand, is another marvel in itself. The Duke’s Congress which is an exciting platform on WhatsApp remains quite engaging. Drawing members from across board including the professors, politics, sports amongst others, it provides a veritable platform for the continuous engagement of sound minds as we seek a veritable solution to the continuous conundrum that is Nigeria today. The other day, we had an aspiring Gubernatorial candidate in the house and after the grilling, he chose to remain in the house savouring the sweet nectar of political discuss.

The idea behind the Afang Summit is to move discussions away from the online group and try to bring it down to the physical while savouring the wicked pleasant taste of the Afang soup washed down with freshly made palm wine while still engaging in some of the most exciting discussions on our political future. It will be a monthly engagement with various themes covering discussions for the month.

This month, the theme is ’Change, what Change’. This topic is very apt as we approach 2019. We were promised change and on the back of that we gave our mandate, but did we ask what kind of change we were being promised. True, we got change but is this the change that we all had hoped for. So the need to look critically at this change becomes imperative while asking some pertinent questions and seeking credible answers.  We are expecting just 20 delegates for this pilot phase drawn from the six geographical zones of the country and with the organised private sector represented, it promises to be a thought-provoking session.

We plan to begin the slow but determined journey of creating a different platform that would join in the third leg of political discuss. We plan to attract fresh young minds with an endearing love for all things Nigeria and the abiding need to help entrench purposeful leadership without the rancour that comes with ethnic-based and rent-seeking leadership which has caused to leave us in the political wilderness.

We plan to attract young minds with this monthly engagement, thereby building a political force that would either eventually align with groupings of the same ideological mind or build an ideological platform that would be the bastion of true patriotic leadership. We plan to achieve all these in a convivial friendly and brotherly atmosphere all welded together by the strange love of that Ibibio delicacy – the Afang soup. Welcome on Board.

For more details on The Afang Summit, kindly send a mail tojosephsampsonedgar@gmail.com or call Demola on 08098726926.



Joseph Edgar
Joseph Edgar is an Investment banker and Columnist with Thisday and DailyTimes newspapers. He is witty and is a hilarious writer.