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Yemi Banjoko: May your road be rough – #DukeOfSomolu

It was that weather-beaten sage they used to call Tai Solarin who made this saying popular. Me I know know the meaning but I just like it sha. So I will use it on my best friend, Yemi Banjoko as he celebrates his 50th birthday.

A lot of people do not know that I have a best friend. Well, his name is Yemi Banjoko and he was 50 some days ago. This man with K-legs is an enigma. A great networker and an introvert all at the same time.

We met up in secondary school where he was everybody’s’ school son. He was kind of gentle and as such needed protection from the bullies who roamed freely in the jungles of Ipaja looking for helpless young boys to devour. Yemi sought refuge and I gave him for a fee – a portion of his cold porridge. I showed him what it was like to have an elder brother and in return, he tried to teach me how to use that book they used to call four figure table.

Well, we became adults and started all sort of rascality all over Lagos. Then he met Feyi. Feyi was leggy, beautiful and a powerful model. She was brother Ibi’s youngest sister from a prominent Yoruba family who came from Shagamu I think. Feyi took over the role I played in Yemi’s life and initially I did not like it. She used to decide when we took our bath or what clothes to wear. I remember spending weekends in their Fola Agoro apartment, craving Feyi’s wonderful egg sauce and how she used to make us wash the plates like little boys after each meal. We enjoyed Feyi’s pampering and eagerly gave her the leadership of the roost.

Every weekend was Jazzville where we discovered Alibaba the great commando who went on to become the biggest comedian of all time. We laughed and drank, traversing the whole of Lagos in the tiny green weather-beaten Volkswagen beetle.

Well, Yemi had to leave. He had to relocate to the UK and with him went Feyi. So I lost my man. Who by this time had morphed into my mentor. Anytime I say this, he will be vexing. Well na him business. Today he has two very beautiful daughters and a wonderful wife in Feyi who God has rewarded for all the hard work and perseverance by helping her turn Yemi into a wonderful gentleman.

As he marks his birthday with a classy and elegant shindig in the UK, the man is vexing for me. For, unfortunately, Buhari and his recession and now Ambode and his taxes have put paid to any plan for me to go to the UK and serenade my man. But not a problem; let me just say this, all the people coming to London are just coming to eat your food and go. Me, I am hailing you online for more than 40,000 people to read, so no problem.

No vex. No be my fault. I will come for your daughter’s wedding. That one I promise you as long as it would be in Somolu no problem. But seriously, this write up is to my best friend and a man I really would like to say thank you to for being a true friend. God bless you.

But why we fight last year sef. Remind me please.



Joseph Edgar
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