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Beware! Cultists are on rampage in Ikorodu

Less than 72 hours after over 200 persons belonging to different cult groups publicly renounced their membership and surrendered their weapons to security officials in Ikorodu community, tension was heightened yesterday, Wednesday, February 14, 2018, in Odogunyan community, Ikorodu, Lagos Mainland.

This was due to some hoodlums, who were identified to be members of the dreaded Aiye cult group, aka Omo Aiye, who took to the streets to harass residents, passersby and business owners, while viciously demanding money to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The youths, numbering hundreds, divided themselves into several groups and moved from street to street, wielding cutlasses and bottles, Guardian reported.

A resident who spoke on the condition of anonymity said: “This situation is getting out of hand. I didn’t even know what was happening initially. I was sitting in my shop when I noticed some students that just closed from school running back to their school and some commercial motorcyclists turning back. I rushed out to find out what was happening and I saw the boys from a distance. I quickly locked my shop because I know what they are capable of doing if they met me there alone.”

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Similarly, a business owner, who simply gave her name as Patience, revealed that she wasn’t so lucky and had to part with money and goods from her shop. “I don’t want trouble so I pleaded with them for mercy and gave them what I had. If I hadn’t done that, they would have come back later in the evening to rob me.

“This area has been problematic for long and it seems the police don’t know what to do. It was just a few months ago we were living with our hearts in our mouths over the dreaded Badoo cult menace. Now these boys have returned to ferment trouble again. I want the police and the government to come to our aid and put and end to these cultists’ fracas.”

Confirming the incident, the head of the Vigilance group in the area, Alhaji Wasiu Badmus, said they were not initially aware of the development because it happened during the day where their operatives are usually resting and the boys disappeared before they could apprehend them.

“We have upped our security this period till the weekend because this is a time when these boys are usually accusing one another of ‘snatching’ each other’s girlfriends, leading to attacks and counter-attacks. Parents have been found to be culpable many times so I am imploring parents and guardians to stop encouraging these youths and report any recalcitrant person to us or the police and we would swing to action.”



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