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IN OSHODI: Motorist stabbed several times by traffic robbers

A Lagos Mainland resident has survived an assault by armed robbers who accosted him at the popular Oshodi end of Lagos Mainland over the weekend.

Narrating the incident, Toju Uwatse, cousin of the victim said: “He was attacked on the Oshodi expressway, Lagos Mainland, by robbers who took advantage of the heavy traffic jam caused by the Lagos marathon on Saturday, February 10, 2018,”

“He and a friend were stabbed several times and their vehicle smashed on Saturday. The robbers believed they had just arrived from Murtala International Airport and thought the vehicle would be carrying suitcase loaded with goodies from abroad. He tried to get the attention of a vehicle with diplomatic registration plates so the police officers and security operatives will come to his aid but to no avail he had to fight for his dear life defending his face and chest while being punched and stabbed on his arm,”

Speaking further, Toju said his cousin had a 17 minutes battle with the robbers until they made away with valuable things such as laptops, phones, jewelries and other expensive items and he could not escape as the traffic was a stand still for hours.

He also mentioned that several other vehicles were robbed has the criminals had a field day adding that the victim is currently receiving treatment and still in total shock to overcome the incident.



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