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The ‘money eating snake’ reminds me of the Malaysian ‘pure water’ seller – #DukeOfSomolu

This is as ridiculous as it seems. A snake was said to have swallowed N36m at the vault of JAMB in Markurdi. I swear I cannot laugh. You know the level of thievery in this our country is now so rabid that things like this is beginning to look normal.

So a full grown adult would expect a system governed by sane people would believe that a snake swallowed all that money and expect us to swallow that story. Please forgive my pun. This is just more than madness.

Abeg, let me ask where is the snake now. I am sure it is shooting a musical video or headed towards Dubai to hang out with Gucci friend, Hushpuppy, who is living a life of hedonistic pleasure without any credible source of income.

The other day, I read a comment from this renegade where he claimed he was giving a motivational talk. He told us a story of how the famous and very hard working musician, Ice Prince was rushing to the Airport to catch a flight for Malaysia but had to drop by to get some water.

He was the water harbinger who could not afford his airfare to Malaysia even with a visa, but today he is living a lavish life. So for this near literate, this was a success story that we all had to long for.

Something was however missing in the story – the source of the incredible wealth. At least the Ice Prince in the story has a verifiable and well known source of income. So for this our little brother, that is not a motivational story, but a snake story. Forgive my pun once again.

I sincerely hope this snake is in custody as we cannot allow it to roam around with all that wealth before it buys its freedom and God forbid attempt to secure an electoral position because once it achieves that, that is the end. He will just be granted immunity.

This snake must be arrested and debriefed so that we smoke out all its collaborators and get them all behind bars.

Snake ate the money!!!!! What else are we going to hear? Pure Madness.


Image Credit: @UgoJesse



Joseph Edgar
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