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Olamide’s street cred has a place in ‘Isale Eko’ story – #DukeOfSomolu

Let me first start by commiserating with the gifted singer, Olamide, on the passing of his beloved mother. This must be a very trying moment for him. A mother remains iconic in everyone’s life and to lose that bastion of support at such an early stage in life is unimaginable. But as these things go, God in his infinite wisdom knows best. Who are we to query him? My dear Olamide, kindly accept my condolences.

‘Isale Eko’ is a very important theatre production that has captured the imaginations of Lagosians. It played last May to a whooping number of Lagosians. Over 3,000 came out to watch over 75 thespians in song and dance replay the story of Isale Eko which is the cauldron and most likely the birthplace of modern Nigeria.

The songs were electric as it drew tears from the audience especially the closing number which saw legendary songbird – Yinka Davies draw steering awe from an appreciative audience. Her climatic song ‘Isale Eko’ drew an unending standing ovation from an audience who kept on clapping for her for a whole 45 minutes, after which she fell to her knees, enveloped in a mesh of emotions and still shaking from a performance that took almost all of her spirit.

This year, my vision as Executive Producer is to drop on that Muson Stage the electric Olamide in a shocking duet with Yinka Davies. Olamide has over the years captured the essence of street Lagos. I have steadily watched him take the slangs of the street and wrap them up in a rhythmic motion of continuous phalanges of soul, rendering them in that gravy devil may care attitude that dares you to turn and walk away if you can. Most times you cannot.

In this production, the lead character – Wunmi Dada would be transported in various trances from 14th century Lagos into Ambode’s Lagos with Olamide’s rhythmic songs and side performance wafting through the rafters of the hall as she floats over Ambode’s infrastructural wonders scattered all over Lagos. She will fly across the landmark developments, in an angelic inspection after which Olamide will transport her back to the 14th century where she would be telling a doubting crowd what she had just witnessed.

Olamide is today one of the most influential artists and his footprints will remain on the sands of time, hence the very crazy urge to bring his street credo and humungous charisma to the stage and recording theatrical history with the mad casting of the rapper in a possible collaboration that may also witness His Excellency on stage doing the WO!.

I am shaking with excitement. Please, who knows the way to Olamide’s house, let’s do this.



Idris Aina
Idris is a media and communications professional with keen attention to details. An entertainment enthusiast, he is an ardent fan of the team from the Red Side of Manchester with love for football banters. He tweets with the handle @arlomah.