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Why I’m not thrilled by the born-again Kemi Olunloyo – #DukeOfSomolu

Let me first state here that as I write, it is with trepidation but what emboldens me is the fact that the subject matter of this piece is more than capable of defending herself and in most cases take the fight to the person. But now that she is an avowed born again Christian, I can take the risk knowing fully well that as a newly minted Born Again Christian, she will turn the other cheek as I fire.

So here goes my epistle. Now she shouts at the top of her voice that fully armed Policemen bundled her from Ibadan to Port Harcourt in a rickety car straight into detention and from there to court where she is remanded in prison. She continues to chronicle her horrendous experience on social media intermittently showing resilience and human weakness. She spent the whole of last year in between Ibadan, courts and prison and then the charges are dropped and she is free!

Expectedly she comes out with a commentary of her prison stay with the highlight describing how she contracted some STD despite all her efforts to prevent same. She also told us how she has employed the lady who served her in prison as her Personal Assistant. This for anybody will be very traumatic especially since it all came about as a result of alleged libel and slander charges against a man of God who is supposed to have turned the other cheek.

But wait, it’s getting a little bit more exciting. Kemi finds Christ through, wait for it o, the same church that threw her into prison. She suddenly finds herself on the road to Damascus and the shell suddenly falls off her eyes and she is saved. Oh my God!!! If this wasn’t so sad, I would be laughing now.

First, why didn’t the man of God attempt this salvation in the first place instead of dragging her through a justice system which deals her some very frightful blows? The religion they both are presently professing preaches tolerance and forgiveness. While she was going through the horror, there were several calls for forgiveness, including one from this writer who penned a passionate appeal in Thisday, but all fell on deaf ears as the case continued. At that point, why didn’t the church rely on the Holy Spirit to cure Kemi of her impertinence? But no, she was arraigned and dragged through a system that would have traumatised her and stripped her of her dignity while humiliating her.

As this was going on, some of us wondered if this was an armed robbery case with the kinds of stories that Kemi herself was throwing out on social media.

But wait she is suddenly released and she immediately finds God through the hands of this same people who had severely dealt with her. This level of forgiveness can almost measure with that of Nelson Mandela who came out to forgive those who jailed him for 27 years. She proclaimed Jesus o and started sending out pictures of her going in for prayer sessions, fasting and all the symbolism that comes with new Christianity.

The whole thing reeks of hypocrisy on both sides making me feel like puking. Me as Duke of Somolu will never take anybody to that level of sorrow from just maligning my name no matter what was said about me talk less of a full blown man of God and after dragging the person for one year now lead her ‘salvation’. Funny. Why didn’t that salvation come in first? Then again, why would I now after going through that kind of experience when I did not steal or kill somebody now come out and be proclaiming ‘Jesus’ in the same house that led to my incineration.

If I was going to find Jesus, it will most certainly not be where she has found it today. This Jesus could have been found in so many other places apart from this particular place. Anyways, stranger things have happened in this world, so I would not really bother my head with this stranger than fiction occurrence. But if you ask me, all these  lends credibility to Freeze, whose campaign as far as I am concerned goes beyond tithing but to the core of the body of Christ and how these our so called men of God continue to ridicule the body of Christ in their sheer naked quest for continued relevance.

Kemi, you need to leave Port Harcourt if you have not left just yet and find your true salvation somewhere else. This is not it.



Joseph Edgar
Joseph Edgar is an Investment banker and Columnist with Thisday and DailyTimes newspapers. He is witty and is a hilarious writer.