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Are you a #ScienceStudent? You need to see this information about Olamide’s new song

In the aftermath of the reactions that trailed ‘Science Student ‘,  the newly released song by indigenous rapper, Olamide, the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has slammed a Not To Be Broadcast (NTBB) warning on the song.

The notification proscribing the song from being broadcast was sent to all radio and television stations across the country during the week, InsideMainland gathered.

Speaking on NBC’s stand on the song, the Head of Public Affairs, NBC, Hajia Maimuna Jimada stated that while the regulatory body did not ban the song outrightly, it considered it unfit for broadcast.

“NBC does not ban music. Our mandate is on what goes on Radio and TV. Olamide’s Science Student has been declared ‘Unfit for broadcast,’” she told Nigerian Tribune.

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Asked about the context in which the song was declared unlawful, Jimada, hinted at the profligate mention and the subtle promotion of illegal drugs. She also issued standing warning to all broadcasting corporations within its jurisdiction.

“We have communicated all our licensees for compliance or they will face sanctions,” she said.

This is not the first time thatOlamide’s song will draw the attention of the public and the NBC for its lyrical content, vulgarity, and lewdness. In the past, Olamide’s tracks such as Don’t Stop, Wavy Level, Story For the Gods, Shakiti Bobo among others have at one time being flagged for various reasons by the regulatory body.



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