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Ghen Ghen! Senate moves against sale of National Theatre Iganmu

After a peaceful protest that took place yesterday, December 19, 2017, by the workers at the National Arts Theatre, Iganmu Lagos Mainland, in regards to the sale of the National Theatre.

The Senate has today December 20, 2017, asked the federal government to stop its plan to sell off the National Arts Theatre.

The resolutions of the Senate followed a motion sponsored by Senator Fatimat Raji-Rasaki, who said the structure occupies a historical landmark which serves as a symbol of the country’s nationhood.

According to her: “The media is awash about the sale of assets belonging to Federal Government, including the National Theatre and the Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos, to raise more funds to finance the 2018 budget.

“The National Theatre specifically built to host the 2nd Black African Art Festival named the Festival of Art and Culture (FESTAC) in January/February 1977, where all black people across the globe gathered to celebrate the uniqueness of the black race.

“The final symbol of the transfer of power from colonial rule to independence took place at the Tafawa Balawa Square Lagos,” she said.

She said instead of selling off the asset, the government should develop the square into an attractive profit-making tourist center.

The Senate adopted the motion after it was put to a voice vote by Senate President Bukola Saraki.




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