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Beware! There is a new form of robbery going down in UNILAG

As the end of the ember month draws nearer, residents of the Medical quarters in the prestigious University of Lagos (UNILAG), Akoka, Lagos Mainland, are currently been terrorized by bandits who have devised a new means to rob unsuspecting victims of their valuables and properties in the area.

InsideMainland exclusively gathered that in the last few weeks, burglars have raided the quarters originally built for medical personnels attached to the Lagos University Hospital (LUTH) and other lecturers of the university on different occasions.

The area, although detached from the main hub of activities in UNILAG is not popular among students but is always patrolled by security operatives attached to the institution.

A source who spoke to InsideMainland said more than half of the flats in the quarters have been raided by the bandits in the last few weeks.

“The bandits usually come into the apartments through the windows finding their ways into the apartments to rob,” the source told InsideMainland.

During the operations, the robbers would make way with television sets, gadgets, mobile phones and other valuables they can find while the victims are fast asleep, InsideMainland gathered.

Speaking on the robberies, the source said “no one is awake when the robbers commit the crime. The robbery on the houses occurred at different times for three weeks and the victims would only wake up after the deed had been done.”

Shockingly, it was learnt that the bandits have also found their ways into the hostels of the University. It was learnt that a student hostel was recently attacked by the robbers where they made way with laptops, mobile phones and other gadgets belonging to the students.

Meanwhile, residents of the affected area have suggested that the perpetrators of the evil act might be persons living in communities around the University premises.

“It is suspected that the robbers are from Iwaya, Ilaje and other areas around the school. Recently, the fence that demarcates the area from Iwaya was raised although some parts are still low. The robbers might be coming into the quarters through the canal to commit the crimes,” the source said.



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