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“You wan make i divide myself into two?”, Police tells robbery victims

Apparently, the recent attacks by hoodlums on Lagos residents is becoming alarming as a lady shared her ordeal on how she was attacked by hoodlums with his Sister In law.

The incident was said to have happened at about 7:30pm as she was heading back home from an event on 15, October, 2017 on Eko Bridge as we were descending towards Lagos Mainland.

Oki Adejoke who shared her experience on her twitter time line earlier today said the windows where her sister in law seated in the car was suddenly broken by one of the hoodlums, while his partner threaten to bring out her bag and phones.

She further expressed how it happened within three minutes as she was stabbed on her lap, stomach and arm by the hoodlum, luckily for them, another motorist who have observed the attack on them hit one of the hoodlums with his vehicle but no one could apprehend him out of fear.

“We left the scene of the incident, Just few meters ahead of us as we saw policemen in their patrol vehicle and told them we have just been robbed. To my surprise, the police told us “you wan make i divide myself into two? another police dey there”. She added

Adejoke however said she is feeling healthier and shared a picture of stitched wound sustained.



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