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Is this the end of an era for LASIEC?

It appears the Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission (LASIEC) may have handled the last of its statutory functions in the July 22, 2017, local government elections as the National Assembly today, Tuesday, October 24, 2017, vested the powers to conduct local government elections on the Independent National Electoral Commission.

The development is coming after the decision to amend section 124 of the Nigerian constitution was approved by the House of Representatives last week and ratified by the Senate during a session today.

This implies that all elections in the country including the elections into local council positions will be organized by the central body, INEC.

The section equally granted full financial and administrative autonomy to all the 774 local council authorities across Nigeria, providing the consequential terms for the making of the local councils, a full third tier government without undue interference from the state governments.

The newly amended document which would be sent to States Houses of Assembly, for approval, also approved the creation of the Office of Auditor – General of the Local Government as well as the State Local Government Service Commission.

Meanwhile, the amendment retained the immunity clause in the constitution for the President and Governors by adopting the Senate version of the amendments on the issue and rejected the House of Representatives version which removed the immunity clause.

In addition, the National Assembly also made provisions for independent candidacy in future elections in Nigeria by amending sections 65 and 106 of the 1999 constitution.



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