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Deaf and dumb suspect arrested for a weird reason in Opebi

The security operatives attached to the Lagos State Police Command have arrested a deaf and dumb suspect identified as Emeka Uche for allegedly pretending to be a beggar to steal valuables in firms located along Opebi, Ikeja axis of Lagos Mainland.

According to the Police, the suspect was arrested after footages from a Closed Circuit Television camera investigated by the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) showed him committing the act.

The suspect would go to a firm with a bag and walk around the office area before carrying a placard with an inscription ‘deaf and dumb,’ to beg for alms, the Police said.

He would allegedly sneak in and steal any valuable he could lay his hands on as soon as the workers leave their working area.

Prior to his arrest, the suspect allegedly stole a laptop belonging to one photography firm located in Opebi in July 2017.

He succeeded in the operation but was caught by the CCTV installed on the firm’s premises, the Police said.

“On September 12, he went to a training firm, which is also located in Opebi and struck when he discovered that the occupant of an office in the firm was not on the ground and the office was not locked.  He stole a laptop and fled. But the CCTV captured his face and the items he stole.

“The case was reported to the police and referred to the RRS for tracking of the suspect,” a police officer said.

Another police source explained that the CCTV footage at the training firm was taken to Konical Minolta for printing.

He said workers at the photography firm recognised Uche in the footage and told the police operatives that they had also been looking for him.

The source said: “He was eventually tracked down and he has confessed to the crime. He is deaf and dumb. He would sneak into peoples’ offices and steal laptops and other valuables.

“He led operatives to two men on Lagos Island, who he claimed that he sold two laptops to. But the men denied. An investigation is ongoing.”



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