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Taboo! Iju resident impregnates teenage daughter

A 36 year old man identified as Mr Saka Akonda was arrested by the Area G Police Command, Lagos State for impregnating his 13 year old step-daughter. The girl impregnated by Akonda is said to be five months pregnant, while her mother who married Akonda some years back is reportedly six months pregnant.

Akonda, a furniture maker who resides at Obawole, Iju, Lagos was arrested following the complaints filed by the girl’s paternal uncle. On Tuesday, October 3, 2017, Akonda who was dragged to Ogba Magistrate’s Court to face the wrath of the law claimed to be in love with his step daughter.

Meanwhile, the accused said he was shocked police could arrest him after he had resolved the matter with the girl’s biological father. Akonda who is also a father of two children promised to take care of the girl as he had been caring for the child since she started living with him and his wife five years ago.

The girl’s uncle, Oladele Rasheed, a driver who is a 52 year old vowed to ensure accused face the wrath of the law.

Akonda said the police officer that arrested him requested fifty thousand naira but he told him he could afford ten thousand naira. “The matter would have been resolved, if not for the girls’ uncle who insisted the father should arrest me, my wife also left me after I was arrested by the police” he added.



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