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‘I can’t seem to dodge this question but’ – Simi on relationship with Adekunle Gold

Over the years, tales of a love affair has trailed two of the finest performers’ resident on the Lagos Mainland, Simisola and Adekunle Gold. At a point, news went rife on different news platforms that Simi has pitched tent with another singer, Falz, following the pictures that surfaced online after the release of their joint EP, ‘Chemistry’.

While commenting on her relationship status and love for football, the Magodo resident in a recent interview opened up on her relationship with Adekunle Gold and why she has kept her relationship off public glare.

According to her: “I don’t know why people are obsessed with me and Adekunle Gold.  I suppose it is because we do music together and his voice was on one of my songs and my voice is on one of his songs. It does make people think something is going on and I can’t seem to dodge this question but I guess it is what it is.”

Commenting on celebrities who show off their relationship online, Simi said:” I am a very private person. I am very careful with the things I put out there because I know whatever I put out there is going to go public.”

On handling criticism, the singer who recently released her self-titled album ‘Simisola’ said “there was a time I use to say, why are people so stressed out about my skirt for example, and then I realized that people can have their own opinion.

“I am the kind of person who doesn’t know how to be stressed about something. I know every person has the chance to get better. Honestly, I am not a fashion person. I like the sneakers. I like the T-shirt and face cap. That’s how I get comfortable.

“I’m just an artist, I love to sing and write, this is just me but if you are going to sit down and just bash me, no problem. There are people that actually advise me and you would know it is coming from their heart and there are those who just want to say something bad.”



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