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Mainlanders, here’s your chance to fulfill your ultimate dream of car racing

For Mainlanders who are keen followers of motorsport, they now have the rare opportunity to be involved in car racing in reality in Nigeria.

The proposed car racing championship which currently has 12 registered teams is designed to run as a series with the teams racing at different events to determine the eventual winner of the tourney.

With the first edition of the event held in Evbuobanosa community, Benin, in 2016, this year’s series is set to kick off in November 2017 with a plan by the organizers of the event to launch the Motorsport Raceway Trace Facility for the drivers to race in.

Speaking at the media unveiling of the event, the promoter of the ‘RoadX Team Car Championship’, Mr. Odu Okao disclosed that the event is specifically targeted at locals who have the interest of motorsport at heart.

“The series is put together by the Motor Sports Raceway Ltd. and the ‘RoadX Team Car Championship’ bids to hand interested individuals the chance to race in a locally developed grassroots Motorsport programme that aims to give all Nigerians the opportunity to enjoy motorsport,” Odu Okao, the promoter of the car racing championship told InsideMainland.

He continued that “the championship will be funded by Nigerians who have passion for motorsports with the engineers, crew members, maintenance, and other personnel sourced locally to ensure that we have a tourney that is 100% Nigerian.

“This year, we plan to launch the 2.4km long race track where the race will take place this year. It is our plan to make the event an annual one with more teams, individuals, corporate organizations and brands who will associate with the championship to come on board for us to have a bigger and better one at every event.”

Speaking on the funding and international affiliations of the racing event, Okao said: “The event is recognized by the FIA and the present head of Motors in Nigeria represents the association.

“The teams are currently self-funded by persons who have the wherewithal to sustain a racing team in a series. As time goes on, we expect that we will get more bodies who are interested in the success of the championships to come on board.”

Presently, the 12 teams who have duly registered include – Rage Motorsport, 41 Airbenda, Autobarn Nigeria, Argotio’s Bike Showroom, Chilling Motorsports, BCN Racing and 03 BUSA. Others are Outdoor Racing, 4eva Racing, Dark Master Racing, Inferno Racing and Bikers Warehouse.

Meanwhile, the handlers of the event stressed that interested participants can join the body to register as a racer of a Team Principal to ensure more participation in the tourney.



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