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Wow! RRS rescues woman in labour in Ketu

Operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) attached to the Lagos State Police Command showed their soft side earlier today, Saturday, September 16, 2017, after they tended to a heavily pregnant woman who suddenly went into labour in a commercial bus.

According to the RRS source, the woman went into labour around Ketu – Alapere while in a commercial bus heading to Lagos Island. She was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital by the officers.

The pregnant lady, in her early 30s, was inside a danfo bus enroute Lagos Island when she started calling for assistance of other passengers in the bus that the baby’s head was out, the RRS said.

The attention of the RRS team close by Ketu – Alapere footbridge was drawn by the ceaseless cry for help by commuters before the lady moved into RRS vehicle and rushed to a private hospital in Ogudu. It was learnt that she was rejected at the hospital “because she had no card”.

“After losing so much fluid, the lady suggested she should be taken to Lagos Island Maternity Hospital where she was instantly received and taken to the Labour Room”, the RRS said in a statement obtained by InsideMainland.

Meanwhile, the officers left the lady in custody of three volunteers and nurses before leaving the hospital to return to their beat in Ketu – Alapere.



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