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Igando – Ayobo residents cry to Ambode for help on wooden bridging connecting their community

Following the current state of the wooden bridge connecting Igando and Ayobo communities in Lagos, the residents of the community have called on the Lagos State Government for urgent intervention.

According to The Nation, some private individuals constructed the wooden bridges to link the two communities for a fee few years ago.

Residents from both sides, who had had to take longer routes, immediately embraced the gesture and business began to thrive for the owners of those wooden bridges, The Nation reports.

Presently, many residents want government’s intervention that will see a good network of roads that will ensure an end to the wooden bridges and open the two communities to each other.

“The owners of the bridges have done a good job in providing a ‘shortcut’ for people, but if you go to those bridges, they are not properly maintained, despite the huge money they make daily. The day I had to cross one of the bridges with my SUV, an Honda CRV, I had to be praying silently because the wooden bridge was shaking as if it will cave in.

“At a point, vehicles had to wait mid-way for one another to cross,” one of the residents who use the wooden bridge told The Nation.

Another one said: “There were rumours that former Governor Babatunde Fashola came to inspect the wooden bridges one time during his regime. That raised hope that something will be done about the bridges but nothing came out of the rumour and it was still business as usual.

“Governor Akinwunmi Ambode has been doing well. He has been doing some good roads at Ayobo area. We will be happy if he can extend the ‘magic’ to the wooden bridges and open up the area to Ayobo. That will even enhance commercial activities from both sides.”

Recall that InsideMainland earlier reported how residents, commercial drivers, motorcycle and Napep riders pay fees to use the wooden bridge in accessing both communities.



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