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Cult members reportedly attack LASPOTECH students’ hostel

Report has it that some suspected cult members wielding dangerous weapons attacked a students’ hostel which houses students of the Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH). During the attack, the suspected cult members reportedly caused bodily harm to some of the students.

According reports, about four students of the school were injured in the attack.

Punch reported that the attackers stormed the hostel under the pretext of searching for a stolen laptop. They were, however, repelled by some occupants, who doubted their claim.

They reportedly returned afterwards in large numbers, calling out the name of a National Diploma student.

In the ensuing confusion, four students were said to have been injured and taken to a hospital for treatment.

Punch reported that the injured students attempted to defend their fellow student who had earlier complained of threats from some cult members who wanted to initiate him into their group.

Commenting on the incident, the President of the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria in Lagos State, Dr. Saheed Ashafa, lamented that the hostel attacked was predominantly occupied by male Muslim students of the institution.

He noted that the report sent to the MSSN in Lagos State by its LASPOTECH branch indicated that the attackers targeted a Muslim student in the hostel for initiation.

“Our members in Ikorodu were attacked by cult members in their hostel last night (Monday). According to the report sent to me early this morning (Tuesday), they were trying to initiate a Muslim student, so they wanted to intimidate students in the hostel where he resides to get their way,” he said.

Dr. Ashafa added that “I was informed that they had been threatening him in the school with the support of a lecturer. They had access to the hostel at first by claiming that they were searching for their missing laptop. They later went there in a large number. Some students sustained injuries, but have been treated and discharged.”

Meanwhile, the incident had been reported to the school management and the police authorities for investigations and prosecution.



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