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Oworonshoki residents beg Ambode to save community school from extinction

With Nigeria hitting the highest number of out of school children put at 10.5 million according to United Nations recently released statistics, residents of Oworonshoki community has called on the Lagos State Government to come to their aid in the community to avert an impending catastrophe that could throw more kids out of school in the community.

According to residents of the community, the present state of Muslim Junior & Senior College, Oworonsoki, Lagos, is a cause of worry to the community and requires urgent government attention as the area is not fit enough to educate children.

Currently, some of the classrooms used by the Junior and Secondary students are breaking into parts. With no burglary proof, the windows to some of the classes have given way while there are inadequate chairs and laboratory equipments for the students.

In addition, most of the ceilings in the classrooms are in a decrepit state with some of the classroom fence and demarcation broken. InsideMainland gathered from community leaders that more than 12 classrooms lack tables and chairs for students to use during school hours.

Speaking on the current state of the school, the Patriarch of Council of Oworonshoki Youth Forum, Kabiawu Babajide who stressed the efforts by the community leaders to bring the school back into shape said the government should intervene quickly before it becomes a pandemic.

“The school has been in existence since the 1970s,” he says. “Presently, the school cannot boast of having adequate facilities for students to use when they come to learn. The classrooms lack chairs and tables and when you visit the place during school hours, you will see the students standing.”

He continued that “times without number, we have made recommendations to the Lagos State government to construct more school Buildings with adequate classrooms and laboratories for students in Muslim College.

“As the Population in Oworonsoki Community continues to explode, the population of students in this antiquated school buildings can no longer accommodate the population. The total number of students in each classroom is over 180 students with no chairs and tables to use. If nothing is done quickly to upgrade this school, this could lead to an unwanted pandemic soon.”

Commenting on the various letters written to the government where the community called for help, Kabiawu said, “we reached out to the State government and our letters were acknowledged on 13th of October 2016 and 18th of August 2014. After a while, the Ministry of Education claimed that huge amount of money was spent on renovating the school buildings.”

In his reaction, a parent in the community who identified himself simply as Mr. Patrick said the damage in the school got to this level because of the lack of attention from the government.

“We can’t have a functional government in place and the foremost secondary school in a community will be in a sorry state. I believe it didn’t just happen overnight.

“If those who were given responsibilities did what was expected of them, the school will be in fine shape. This is one of the reasons why people lose interest in sending their kids to public schools because of the lack of facilities,” he said.

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