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Emergency services take new turn as LASEMA launches surveillance drones

In a bid to continually save, protect and sustain lives and livelihoods of residents across the State, the Lagos State Emergency Response Unit (LASEMA) has launched drones to support disaster management and situational awareness in the State.

The newly launched drones will constantly be utilized to support Emergency Response by delivering a bird’s eye view of incident scenes, the Agency said in a statement obtained by InsideMainland.

According to LASEMA, “once an incident is reported through the Lagos State Toll Free Lines (112 & 767), the drone will be deployed ahead of Emergency Responders to provide adequate information what to expect at emergency scenes. This will then allow responders organize and prioritize activities based on the severity of the incident.”

Among other benefits of the drone services will be to drop supplies, medicine and information to incident scenes if the team run out of supplies especially in cases of building collapse where recovery can go beyond 24 hours, LASEMA said.

The Agency stressed that the development is a step in the right direction of “fulfilling our commitment to protecting lives and livelihood in Lagos State.”



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