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Lagos at 50: LASG kicks off plans to celebrate Lagos City Suya Carnival

As part of activities to wrap up celebration of Lagos at 50; Suya Stops, in partnership with the Lagos State Government, has announced plans to put together a first-of-its-kind, Lagos City Suya Carnival.

The founder of Suya Stops, Kehinde Talabi said the event slated for October 1 was borne out of the need to celebrate Africa, Nigeria and especially Lagos using a meal that has become a household name across the metropolis.

“Suya as we all know didn’t originate from Lagos but you will all agree with me that the average Lagos Street or road has one Suya joint or one close by. Such is the love we have shown this delicacy that has seemingly become part and parcel of Lagos,” he said.

Part of the activities for the carnival includes a record breaking 50ft long Suya steak which is part of the event launch aimed at putting Lagos state on the world map.

“Basically, the idea is to have a carnival where Suya centres will flood the carnival area with different array and recipes of Suya to savour all through the carnival. From beef suya to chicken suya, Gizzard Suya and even sausage suya. All these will be on display at the carnival,” he added.

Other highlight of the event, include games, music, jamboree, drinks as well as networking.

The carnival is also supported by Superflux and Bitflux companies.